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Medical Applications

As specialists in the medical industry, Advantage Converting engineers and manufacturers thousands of components for medical applications. We combine medically certified process development, controls, and quality assurance with our medical material science expertise to solve your toughest manufacturing challenges. Our precision medical converting services include die-cutting, narrow width precision slitting, island placement, and multi-layer lamination.

Conversion Services for Advanced Wound Care

The manufacturing of pressure-sensitive adhesives and blood stop dressings requires precision and expertise.

Conversion Services for Medical Devices & Disposables

Modern medicine increasingly leverages electronic medical devices and single-use devices with disposable parts for contamination containment.

Conversion Services for Microfluidics

Some diagnostic tools and devices test minute amounts of biological or environmental samples.

Conversion Services for Packaging, Paper & Pads

Medical treatments, medicines, and delivery systems require exact, complex packaging to maintain their viability and prevent contamination.

Conversion Services for Wearables

Advancements in sensor and skin adhesive technologies are driving innovation in stick-to-skin wearable medical devices.

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