Case Study

Advantage Converting Reduces Fallout from 75% to 2%, Enabling Successful Mass Production of Innovative Wound Care Product

Industry: Medical
Application: Advanced Wound Care, Wearables
Services: Custom Die Cutting, Laminating
Materials: Fabrics & Mesh, Tapes & Adhesives


A startup needed to improve the design and scale manufacturing for an advanced wound care product. If successful, it would be the first mobile negative pressure wound care device. Due to the fragility of the materials, a previous manufacturer was cutting parts one at a time and manually gluing them together. As a result, the company was experiencing 75% fallout of their parts and was producing very small quantities at a very high price.


Advantage Converting worked with the startup to finetune the concept, including materials selection, for mass production. We developed a proprietary roll to roll lamination method that ensures a superior bond. The process eliminates the need for traditional pressure-sensitive adhesives and utilizes a thermal bond, thus improving the lamination, the strength of the part, and consistency to dimensional specifications.

The product launched with great success, requiring production to scale almost immediately. We designed the process to mass scale and built in economies to get many more parts for the same production time. We also designed and built custom packaging to protect the parts during shipment overseas.

Advantage Converting managed the entire supply chain, including materials procurement, and held mass inventories as safety stock, ensuring the client was able to meet market demand.


  • New production process decreased fallout from 75% to 2%
  • Significantly reduced cost of materials (yield is currently 98%+)
  • Scaled from prototype volume to current mass scale production
  • The product is currently on the market as one of the best and most convenient negative pressure wound care solutions
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