Case Study

Advantage Converting Custom Manufactures Mammography Patch

Industry: Medical
Application: Wearables
Services: Laminating, Clean Room Manufacturing, Custom Die Cutting
Materials: Films & Plastics, Foams, Tapes & Adhesives


A top medical company had a conceptual design for a mammography marker patch. They wanted to place a metal identifier on the center of the patch that would act as a marker and calculate potential tumor location during a mammography. The company needed help designing a user-friendly application method, selecting materials that met skin contact specifications, and a means of manufacturing the patch. After unsuccessfully engaging with several other manufacturers to come up with a solution, the company approached Advantage Converting.


Advantage Converting’s engineering team applied decades of experience to successfully develop a method to produce a low-trauma, low-irritation patch. In addition to developing the manufacturing process, Advantage Converting tested many materials to find one that provided the correct skin contact without causing irritation. Utilizing our clean room, we laminated multiple layers of pressure sensitive adhesives, membranes, and films for skin contact. A metal marker was placed in the center of the patch by a custom built magnetized rotary tool, which acted as an inline pick and place applicator. We laminated a film to encapsulate the marker, and then an additional foam patch was applied to the skin-facing side. We also developed and added a pull tab on the skin contact adhesive side for easy application.


  • Selected materials based on skin constraints
  • Created a manufacturing process where others had failed
  • Enabled customer to produce prototypes and perform a pilot line launch/release for medical trials
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