Case Study

Advantage Converting Enables Medical Device Manufacturer to Bring Tissue Expanding Balloon to Market

Industry: Medical
Application: Devices & Disposables
Services: Custom Die Cutting, Clean Room Manufacturing, Laminating
Materials: Films & Plastics


A medical device manufacturer had a concept and prototypes for an implantable surgical device. Under doctor’s instructions, the device – an inflatable balloon – would allow a patient to self regulate the expansion of tissue in preparation for a complex surgical procedure. The manufacturer needed a partner to process flexible materials, assist with clinical trials, and scale production.


Advantage Converting developed a method for manufacturing the medical balloon. This involved a thermal lamination process and custom tooling that seals and die cuts the materials that comprise the balloon. We die cut a barrier film into a specified shape. This was island placed on a thermoplastic film and thermally bonded with another layer of thermoplastic film to create the balloon, which then went through a final die cut stage to cut the perimeter and produce the final part.


  • Advantage Converting successfully assisted the manufacturer in building a high quality functional device that went to trial
  • Our deep partnership with materials providers enabled us to procure source materials the manufacturer couldn’t obtain on their own
  • Seamlessly moved from prototype phase to full scale manufacturing
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