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Battery Applications


Whether it’s in electric vehicles, wearable medical devices, or cell phones, battery technology continues to become more complex and power-hungry. Advantage Converting offers the right capabilities and materials for battery applications, using foams, fabrics, mesh, and rubbers for electrical insulation, heat transfer and dissipation, and environmental barriers.
Batteries are a consistent and reliable energy source for a variety of applications. Advantage Converting can maximize battery power density, energy utilization, and efficiency. We leverage our innovative manufacturing processes, materials, and technologies to make batteries smaller and lighter while maintaining a commitment to safety and reliability.


Q: When do I need a clean room?

Clean room manufacturing is primarily used when manufacturing sensitive materials that can be easily contaminated or affected by particles in the air. For example, at Advantage Converting, we have used our clean rooms to manufacture advanced wound care products, solar panel components, and vibration dampeners for the aerospace industry. However, a clean room can be used for any converted good. Our experts can work with you to determine clean room requirements for your project.

Q: What manufacturing processes does Advantage Converting perform in their clean rooms?

We can perform any manufacturing process in our clean rooms, including custom die cutting, laminating, slitting and rewinding, and roll-to-roll manufacturing.

Q: What is clean room manufacturing?

Clean room manufacturing is the use of an enclosed area with strict environmental controls to manufacture sensitive components. The controlled environment – or clean room – limits the presence of dust, airborne microbes, aerosol, and chemical vapors to prevent environmental contamination of sensitive components, such as those for medical, electronic, and aerospace applications.

Advantage Converting has multiple clean rooms that are available for all converted goods. Our clean rooms are certified as ISO 8 / Class 100,000 and ISO 7 / Class 10,000.

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