Case Study

Advantage Converting Improves Design and Manufacturing Process of Liquid Delivery Pouch

Application: Bonding & Joining, Packaging, Paper & Pads
Services: Custom Die Cutting, Laminating
Materials: Fabrics & Mesh, Films & Plastics


A company was designing a new consumer product and needed assistance with the development and production of a liquid delivery pouch. The pouch was complex and consisted of many different layers of material, including a layer of internal mesh that wasn’t to be sealed. The company’s engineering team had built a rudimentary prototype in-house with tabletop sealers, but the seal was breaking and causing leakage. The team sought a manufacturing partner to test and qualify other materials, make upgrades to the design, and make the pouch bond more consistent.


Advantage Converting helped the company with the development and production of its liquid delivery pouch. We tested new materials to achieve a better bond and a more consistent product. The heat seal materials consisted of bonding polypropylene, lldpe, EVA, and polyester mesh all cut to customer specifications prior to bonding.

To produce the liquid pouches, we heat-sealed and die cut film and mesh layers. The challenge was to maintain registration after the pouch was sealed to maintain tight perimeter dimensional tolerances. We developed tooling and a process to layer multiple materials together and then thermally bond them in a custom pouch shape to create a pouch with a filter layer inside of it. The control of heat ensured that the pouch section remained open and the internal mesh did not get sealed. This was achieved with an in-line/automated roll-to-roll production process that allowed us to scale production.


  • Advantage Converting built successful prototypes that met use case and production requirements
  • Scaled manufacturing for pilot line volumes
  • Achieved a better bond and delivered a more consistent product
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