Case Study

Advanced Slitting Capabilities Enable Manufacturer to Scale Production and Increase Market Share of Exotic Polymers Market

Application: Bonding & Joining, Electrical Insulation, Surface Protection, Thermal Management
Services: Slitting & Rewinding
Materials: Films & Plastics, Rubbers, Thermal Management


One of the world’s largest producers of electronic components, including various types of exotic polymers, needed a partner that could provide slitting services. The market opportunity for the company’s high end specialty polymers was significant, with the polymers sold throughout a variety of industries, including aerospace, electronics, automotive, communications, and construction.


Due to our extensive experience slitting sensitive and complex materials, the manufacturer fast-tracked Advantage Converting to become a prime partner for slitting large, master rolls of the customer’s various extruded products. We were able to meet the volume, dimensional, and quality requirements to supply slitting capabilities across their product line, which serves global supply chains.

Advantage Converting developed procedures to process and package a variety of specialty materials into usable formats for various applications. We processed materials from early stage development to full scale production while consistently meeting strict specifications. Our ability to improve yields in the early stages of development allowed the customer to build market share as they fine-tuned their extrusion process.


  • The long-standing partnership with Advantage Converting, which continues today, has allowed the manufacturer to build a multi-million dollar market share
  • Yielding very challenging materials and limiting scrap has saved the manufacturer many thousands of dollars
  • The company has expanded its product lines to diverse markets and continues to be a major producer of insulating materials for electronic applications across many industries
  • Original company was acquired by a global leader in electronic parts
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