Case Study

Stanford Alumni Team Up with Advantage Converting to Equip Healthcare Workers with PAPR Face Shields During Pandemic

Industry: Medical
Application: Devices & Disposables
Services: Custom Die Cutting, Laminating, Slitting & Rewinding
Materials: Films & Plastics, Tapes & Adhesives


Powered air purifying respirators (PAPRs) were the standard PPE used by hospital first receivers and during aerosol generating procedures. As hospitals around the world became impacted by COVID-19, they quickly ran out of the replacement face shields used inside the PAPR helmets. A group of Stanford Alumni engineers designed generic replacement face shields that could fit a variety of PAPRs. The engineers had the individual part designs but needed a way to manufacture them.


The engineers approached Advantage Converting in March of 2020 to manufacture the individual parts. We worked with them to streamline the manufacturing process and build the face shields to the highest standards. Early stage shields were built using an adhesive lamination. Each piece was individually die cut and assembled. The process evolved into bonding all of the layers together using RF welding. Advantage Converting automated the entire process, eliminating the need for hand assembly.

Advantage Converting packaged and shipped the assembled face shields to hospitals in need.


  • Advantage Converting successfully manufactured and shipped tens-of-thousands of face shields for local hospitals that were unable to buy them from traditional vendors
  • The automated manufacturing process reduced materials, improved bond quality, and increased output, enabling us to meet increasing need
  • Leveraged industry partnerships to source hard-to-find materials during a period of significant global supply chain disruption
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