Case Study

Advantage Converting Beats Production Deadline, Enables Customer to Become a Leading Producer of Solar Panels

Industry: Green Energy
Application: Bonding & Joining, Surface Protection
Services: Slitting & Rewinding, Clean Room Manufacturing
Materials: Films & Plastics, Tapes & Adhesives, Thermal Management


A major solar company recognized for the efficiency of its solar panels needed a production partner to take over a significant portion of its supply chain. The company needed to process the back-sheet film material that is integral to its panels and rapidly scale production to meet growing global demand. The company invested in slitting equipment to process the back sheet material themselves, however, they were unable to hold the strict tolerances required. The company’s executives decided to partner with a professional slitter that was qualified to do the work and had the infrastructure in place to scale production.


Advantage Converting was approached to provide custom tight tolerance slitting for flexible EVA encapsulant film. We quickly set up a production line in a clean room and within a matter of weeks scaled production to meet global demand.

Because any debris or imperfections would impact the panel’s efficiency, all materials required rigid inspection and lot traceability to ensure they met tolerance and cleanliness requirements. Being ISO certified, Advantage Converting already had the systems in place to meet all inspection and documentation requirements and make processes automatic and repeatable.


  • Advantage Converting reached global production volumes ahead of deadline, enabling the company to become a leading producer of solar panels
  • We worked with the customer to meet or exceed their requirements for cleanliness and safety
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