Case Study

Advantage Converting Meets Aerospace Industry’s Tight Manufacturing Requirements for Vibration Dampeners

Application: Vibration Dampening
Services: Custom Die Cutting, Clean Room Manufacturing, Laminating
Materials: Rubbers, Tapes & Adhesives


An aerospace company had designs and hand-built prototypes of various-sized vibration dampeners. The parts required extremely tight tolerances on the edge quality/profile and the dimensional geometry of the finished part. The company needed a scalable manufacturing method with the ability to produce production volumes.


Advantage Converting successfully developed and produced the vibration dampeners according to the customer’s precise specifications. Advantage Converting’s engineering team applied decades of experience in converting and technical manufacturing to develop an innovative technique to meet ultra-specific edge-quality profile and dimensional tolerance. The multilayer viscoelastic damping polymers were laminated, and the dampeners were die cut to specifications.


  • The successful manufacture of a conceptual design enabled the customer to successfully launch a new product line
  • Scaled production to meet market demand
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